The Network Communications Office announces the funding of three LTER synthesis proposals, which combine existing data to yield fresh insights into how ecological systems work. more…
This year’s theme, “Novel Ecosystems in the Anthropocene,” will build on discussions initiated during last year’s centennial meeting, “Ecological Science at the Frontier.” more…
The International LTER Network Open Science Meeting is open to all experts involved in LTER, interested researchers and stakeholders. It will be held October 9-13, 2016 in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. more…
The Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH) calls for nominations for Science Steering Committee (SSC) members. more…
The LTER-NCO Education Lead will coordinate network-wide education initiatives, including development and outreach for K-20 educational resources, partnerships with national education organizations, data literacy, and assessment initiatives. more…

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