Bonanza Creek LTER In The News

Alaskan Wildfires Influence Permafrost Recovery
(1 Dec 2015)
• Dana Brown, Knut Kielland, Eugenie Euskirchen, Roger Ruess

Alders go their own way in autumn
(11 Sep 2015) JuneauEmpire
• Roger Ruess

Long-term Research in Interior Alaska Tracks Consequences of our Changing Climate
(1 Sep 2015) Western Forester
• Jamie Hollingsworth

Large wildfires a factor in climate equation
(6 Aug 2015) Sit News
• David McGuire

Alaska’s Wildfires Burn Slow But Still Do a Massive Damage
(28 Jul 2015) Pioneer News
• Teresa Hollingsworth, David McGuire, Merritt Turetsky

Climate Change: Alaskan Wildfires May Be Exacerbating Global Warming
(28 Jul 2015) University Herald
• David McGuire

Beneath Alaskan Wildfires, A Hidden Threat: Long-Frozen Carbon's Thaw
(27 Jul 2015) National Public Radio
• Teresa Hollingsworth, Ted Schuur, Merritt Turetsky

2015 wildfire season could be Alaska's worst ever
(27 Jul 2015) UPI
• Teresa Hollingsworth, Ted Schuur, David McGuire, Merritt Turetsky

Beneath Alaskan Wildfires, A Hidden Threat: Long-Frozen Carbon's Thaw
(27 Jul 2015) GPB News (Georgia Public Broadcasting)
• Teresa Hollingsworth, Merritt Turetsky, Ted Schuur

Alaska’s Wildfires and the Changing Boreal Forest
(27 Jul 2015) Alaska Native News
• Daniel Mann, F. Stuart Chapin III

Alaska’s terrifying wildfire season and what it says about climate change
(26 Jul 2015) The Washington Post
• David McGuire, F. Stuart Chapin III

Interior Alaska's boreal forests are changing -- and that could mean more wildfires
(26 Jul 2015) Alaska Dispatch News
• F. Stuart Chapin III, Daniel Mann

Decreasing biodiversity affects productivity of remaining plants
(20 Apr 2015)
• David McGuire

Permafrost 'carbon bomb' unlikely, but worries over northern thaw persist
(17 Apr 2015) Alaska Dispatch News
• David McGuire

Old-growth spruce destroyed at forest research site
(7 Jun 2014) Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
• Jamie Hollingsworth

Look at All That Climate
(8 Apr 2014) UAF UA Museum of the North (blog)
• Jamie Hollingsworth, Ted Schuur

Diversity Down Below
(28 Feb 2014) Science (AAAS)
• Lee Taylor, Teresa Hollingsworth, Jack McFarland, Roger Ruess

How badly does wildfire damage permafrost?
(18 Oct 2013) Environmental Research Web
• David McGuire, Helene Genet

Art-Science collaboration: Bonanza Creek LTER presents Trophic Cascades
(10 Oct 2013) Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network New
• Mary Beth Leigh

UAF researchers spy on grizzly bear south of Fairbanks
(20 Apr 2013) Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
• Knut Kielland

Time of Fire exhibit merges the science of fire with creative bursts Read more: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - Time of Fire exhibit merges the science of fire with creative bursts
(6 Aug 2012) Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
• Mary Beth Leigh

Boise State researchers discover why birch is toxic to snowshoe hares
(6 Feb 2012) Boise State Update
• Knut Kielland

'In a Time of Change' encourages dialogue on climate change
(10 Sep 2010) Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
• Mary Beth Leigh

NEON gets Final Approval, Awaits Money to Start Construction
(6 May 2010) AAAS Science

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