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The Bonanza Creek LTER program has a strong history of leadership in arts, humanities, and ecological science (AHS) integration toward the goals of public outreach and education. In 2006, BNZ founded the program, In a Time of Change (ITOC), which facilitates and produces AHS events and exhibits focused on social-ecological themes, including climate change, wildfire, and predator control. In alignment with BNZ’s focus on wildfire in the boreal forest, we are developing several new ITOC projects focused on aspects and outcomes of wildfire in Interior Alaska, building upon the success of our previous 2012 ITOC visual arts project, The Art of Fire. We will continue using strategies that have proven successful in the past for achieving AHS collaboration, while incorporating new approaches for advancing meaningful AHS integration, including field workshops for competitively-selected artists, artist-in-residencies, multimedia exhibitions and performances, new media approaches (online exhibits, interactive apps, social media), improvisational theatre events, documentary and fictional filmmaking, and Alaska Native arts and storytelling. In addition to performing public outreach, we also foster interdisciplinary AHS collaboration that directly advances scientific research and contributes to fundamental intellectual merit of ecological research through the formation of AHS working groups focused on specific fire ecology themes, and through writing workshops promoting exchange of writing skills between professional nature and creative writers and scientists.

Previous Programs

2013 - Trophic Cascades

In a Time of Change: Trophic Cascades encourages artists to integrate artistic and scientific insights in a language and a style that are creative, attractive, dramatic and accessible. The premise of the project is that art and science bring different, yet synergistic, perspectives and approaches to the natural world. Collaborations of art and science can engage people at the intellectual, intuitive and emotional levels, and more effectively strengthen society’s sense of place in the environment.

2012 - Art of Fire

Nine local artists were invited to embrace the inspiration of wildfire, fire science and fire management to create a unique art exhibit.

2010 - In a Time of Change

Visual artists, writers and performing artists were selected to participate in field trips during the summer, followed by an art exhibition at the Bear Gallery (September, 2010), and a stage performance at Pioneer Park Theater.

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