Request Membership to BNZ

Please read the complete Membership Statement before completeing this request form.

  • Any researchers accessing the Bonanza Creek Long Term Ecological Research Program field sites or resources will need to apply for associate membership and receive approval from the site manager, Jamie Hollingsworth, before accessing any sites or resources. Applications will be reviewed by the site manager and, if needed, the rest of the leadership team on a regular basis.

  • Our long-term data are freely and publicly available, but we ask as a courtesy that if a researcher plans to make substantial use of our data, they similarly apply for affiliate status so that we can keep appraised of the project and how it enhances our ongoing research goals.

  • If you are in need of a letter of collaboration for a grant proposal that includes use of our sites, resources, or data, we ask that you submit the letter request here under the associate membership request. Letters will be provided by the PI in consultation with the leadership team.

  • Affiliate Membership is for people who want to stay informed about Bonanza Creek activities. Affiliate members will be put on the mailing list and will receive news and be invited to open meetings and symposia. This is a great way to learn more about the program.

  • Associate Membership is for those who require access to the site for their own activities, who may like to request additional resources such as the use of ATVs, and / or would like to request limited technical assistance (e.g., help finding appropriate locations for a project) or other types of assistance (e.g., a letter of support for a grant proposal).

This request will be forwarded to members on the BNZ Leadership Team and you should expect a response shortly. Those requesting Associate Membership may be asked to provide additional information.

If you have additional questions please contact Michelle Mack, Jamie Hollingsworth or Jason Downing.

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