Arctic & Earth SIGNS

Exploring the impacts & feedbacks of a warming Arctic, Engaging learners in STEM using Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) & NASA Assets

Culturally Responsive Climate Change Education

The program trains teachers, 4-H leaders, and community members on climate change concepts, culturally-responsive curriculum, and environmental observing protocols in face-to-face and online courses.

Approach – Use various ways of knowing and learning about the environment to help your community address climate change issues.

  • Learning from elders and community
  • Co-produced youth-centered projects
  • Resource matchmaking (GLOBE, BNZ, NASA, etc.)
  • Indigenous curricula supports
  • Meet-the scientist sessions
  • Community action and sharing

Learning with an Impact

Arctic and Earth SIGNs youth and communities enter interdisciplinary learning on a climate change issue they identify through interviews with elders and NASA data. They design and implement a GLOBE citizen science investigation, and learn more about the issue through a curriculum that braids Western science and Alaska Native knowledge and traditions. They apply the in-depth learning and data they collected to stewardship projects related to core climate change issues of the community.

Scientists also use the data collected through the project to address larger scale climate change or remote sensing questions.

Focus for 2020-21:

  • Birch forest change and cultural values
  • Renewable energy potential - biomass

Major events:

  • Virtual Educator workshop
  • Learning from Kk’eeyh youth camp
  • Meet the scientist sessions
  • GLOBE Grandma birch phenology
  • IBFRA citizen science workshop


Dr. Elena Sparrow:
Dr. Katie Spellman:

Meet the Scientist event with USFS and BNZ scientists with the McGrath School – tree biomass measurements using GLOBE Observer Trees.

Educator workshop on boreal forest renewable energy resources and Indigenous relationships with birch.

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