Bonanza Creek LTER In The News

How to Track a Songbird From Alaska to Peru
(28 Aug 2023) The New York Times
• Julie Hagelin

Alaska Science Forum: Biking 1,000 miles of Iditarod trail
(7 Apr 2023) Juneau Empire
• Jamie Hollingsworth

The flux of the matter
(26 Oct 2022) Aurora Magazine
• Colin Edgar, Eugenie Euskirchen, Merritt McAdam

UAF scientists contribute to long-term climate change overview
(20 Sep 2022) Cornerstone
• Jeremy Jones, Roger Ruess

ARCTIC FESTIVAL in Alaska brings together local communities to discuss arts, science, and climate change
(31 Aug 2022) The Experimentalist
• Mary Beth Leigh

"A half century in a difficult, dynamic place" by Ned Rozell
(11 Jul 2022) Cornerstone
• Pamela Groves, Daniel Mann

Emilie Springer: Microbial Worlds
(21 Jun 2021) Radio
• Luis Alza, Mary Beth Leigh

'Microbial World' blends science, art
(10 Jun 2021) Newspaper
• Mary Beth Leigh

Long-term ecological reflections: art + science at Bonanza Creek, Alaska
(27 May 2020)
• F. Stuart Chapin III, Jamie Hollingsworth, Teresa Hollingsworth, Knut Kielland, Mary Beth Leigh, Roger Ruess, Ursel Schuette

UAF plans free science camp for kids in foster, state care
(2 Apr 2018) Webcenter11
• Christa Mulder

Race across the tundra: White spruce vs. snowshoe hare
(28 Feb 2018) National Science Foundation
• Knut Kielland, Justin Olnes

Warming climate affecting Alaska berries
(25 Jan 2018) KTVF Channel 11
• Christa Mulder, Katie Spellman

Wandering lynx: Lynx research in Alaska and Canada
(4 Jan 2017) Alaska Department of Fish and Game
• Knut Kielland

How a Copper Valley couple caught a lynx that wandered all the way from Canada
(10 Dec 2016) Alaska Dispatch News
• Knut Kielland

It’s to Alaska and then some for Max, the Yukon lynx
(10 Dec 2016) Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
• Knut Kielland

Study finds climate change limits access to resources for subsistence hunters
(27 Nov 2016) Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
• Todd Brinkman, F. Stuart Chapin III, Gary Kofinas

Sharing, cooperation key to Arctic villages
(23 Nov 2016) Science Daily
• Gary Kofinas

Climate change limits access to subsistence resources
(17 Nov 2016) Sit News
• Todd Brinkman

Living Off the Land in a Changing Arctic Climate
(15 Jul 2016) NASA
• Todd Brinkman, Teresa Hollingsworth

Uncertainty complicates crucial predictions about Alaska's future
(15 Jun 2016) Alaska Dispatch News
• David McGuire

Research Reveals Alaskan Forests’ Carbon Richness
(6 Jun 2016) NH Voice
• David McGuire, Helene Genet, Scott Rupp

UAF researchers study effects of wildfires and thawing permafrost on carbon production
(3 Jun 2016) Alaska Public Radio
• David McGuire, Helene Genet, Scott Rupp

Melting Alaska may not accelerate climate change as expected, scientists now say
(1 Jun 2016) Alaska Dispatch News
• Helene Genet, Scott Rupp

Fairbanks' earliest leaf-out (start listening at 04:10)
(27 Apr 2016) KUAC-FM
• Eugenie Euskirchen

Kids do hands-on science at UAF summer academy
(25 Feb 2016) Arctic Sounder
• Christa Mulder

Alaskan Wildfires Influence Permafrost Recovery
(1 Dec 2015)
• Dana Brown, Knut Kielland, Eugenie Euskirchen, Roger Ruess

Alders go their own way in autumn
(11 Sep 2015) JuneauEmpire
• Roger Ruess

Long-term Research in Interior Alaska Tracks Consequences of our Changing Climate
(1 Sep 2015) Western Forester
• Jamie Hollingsworth

Large wildfires a factor in climate equation
(6 Aug 2015) Sit News
• David McGuire

Alaska’s Wildfires Burn Slow But Still Do a Massive Damage
(28 Jul 2015) Pioneer News
• Teresa Hollingsworth, David McGuire, Merritt McAdam

Climate Change: Alaskan Wildfires May Be Exacerbating Global Warming
(28 Jul 2015) University Herald
• David McGuire

Beneath Alaskan Wildfires, A Hidden Threat: Long-Frozen Carbon's Thaw
(27 Jul 2015) National Public Radio
• Teresa Hollingsworth, Ted Schuur, Merritt McAdam

2015 wildfire season could be Alaska's worst ever
(27 Jul 2015) UPI
• Teresa Hollingsworth, Ted Schuur, David McGuire, Merritt McAdam

Beneath Alaskan Wildfires, A Hidden Threat: Long-Frozen Carbon's Thaw
(27 Jul 2015) GPB News (Georgia Public Broadcasting)
• Teresa Hollingsworth, Merritt McAdam, Ted Schuur

Alaska’s Wildfires and the Changing Boreal Forest
(27 Jul 2015) Alaska Native News
• Daniel Mann, F. Stuart Chapin III

Alaska’s terrifying wildfire season and what it says about climate change
(26 Jul 2015) The Washington Post
• David McGuire, F. Stuart Chapin III

Interior Alaska's boreal forests are changing -- and that could mean more wildfires
(26 Jul 2015) Alaska Dispatch News
• F. Stuart Chapin III, Daniel Mann

Decreasing biodiversity affects productivity of remaining plants
(20 Apr 2015)
• David McGuire

Permafrost 'carbon bomb' unlikely, but worries over northern thaw persist
(17 Apr 2015) Alaska Dispatch News
• David McGuire

Old-growth spruce destroyed at forest research site
(7 Jun 2014) Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
• Jamie Hollingsworth

Look at All That Climate
(8 Apr 2014) UAF UA Museum of the North (blog)
• Jamie Hollingsworth, Ted Schuur

Diversity Down Below
(28 Feb 2014) Science (AAAS)
• Lee Taylor, Teresa Hollingsworth, Jack McFarland, Roger Ruess

How badly does wildfire damage permafrost?
(18 Oct 2013) Environmental Research Web
• David McGuire, Helene Genet

Art-Science collaboration: Bonanza Creek LTER presents Trophic Cascades
(10 Oct 2013) Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network New
• Mary Beth Leigh

UAF researchers spy on grizzly bear south of Fairbanks
(20 Apr 2013) Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
• Knut Kielland

Time of Fire exhibit merges the science of fire with creative bursts Read more: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - Time of Fire exhibit merges the science of fire with creative bursts
(6 Aug 2012) Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
• Mary Beth Leigh

Boise State researchers discover why birch is toxic to snowshoe hares
(6 Feb 2012) Boise State Update
• Knut Kielland

'In a Time of Change' encourages dialogue on climate change
(10 Sep 2010) Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
• Mary Beth Leigh

NEON gets Final Approval, Awaits Money to Start Construction
(6 May 2010) AAAS Science

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