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Bonanza Creek LTER maintains a rich databank of information about our research on the boreal forests of interior Alaska. You may look through our research projects catalog for details about our studies or search for data using our search page. Other links of interest include our study sites inventory and internet map server.

Streaming Climate Stations (VistaDataVision)
View graphs of real time data from Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest and Caribou Poker Creek Research Watershed climate stations. This service is new and will be improved as we finish configuring to our new sensor network software.

Data catalog
Profiles of research projects and datasets being generated at Bonanza Creek LTER

Study site descriptions
Find information about our study sites and learn what kind of projects and data are available at each site

Data Submission
Submit new or expanded data to the Bonanza Creek LTER database.

Spatial data and maps:

Maps! Use our internet based mapping service to see the taiga biome with a bird's eye view! This internet map service allows you to zoom and pan across the Alaskan landscape. Our maps are clickable, allowing you to obtain details about our research sites and projects from a geospatial perspective.
  GIS / Remote Sensing Data Access GIS and remote sensing data produced by the investigators of the Bonanza Creek LTER.
  Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest Air Photos Pre and post fire images, 1971, 1983, 1995.

Physical collections:

BNZ LTER Herbarium - The Bonanza Creek LTER maintains an extensive herbarium collection. Contact BNZ LTER Site Management to arrange access.

Citizen Science:

The Melibee Project investigates the effects of white sweetclover (Melilotus albus) invasion on the pollination of Vaccinium uliginosum and Vaccinium vitis-idaea, and the subsequent effects on berry production.

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LTER Network Data Portal (NIS-PASTA)
Search for data across LTER sites

LTER Network Data Catalog (MetaCAT)
Search metadata across LTER sites

LTER Climate And Hydrology Database (ClimDB/HydroDB)
CLIMDB is a centralized server to provide open access to long-term meteorological records from a collection of research sites

LTER Site Database
Profiles from LNO site database

LTER EcoTrends Data Portal
The EcoTrends Project

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